33 YO Man asks for 1,001 saplings as Dowry and We Support It

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Throughout these decades, we have progressed a lot. However, there is still a larger section of our society who has refused to bring a change in their lifestyle, ideology and beliefs. Even in 21st century, we are fighting with social evils like child marriage and dowry.

However, a really unusual case of dowry has surfaced the headlines this week which gave a whole new meaning to the concept of dowry. According to the reports of Hindustan Times, a 33-year-old school teacher hailing from Odisha asked 1,001 saplings of fruit-bearing trees as dowry from his father-in-law who was very persistent to give dowry to her daughter.

Sarojkanta Biswal, a science teacher had promised himself that he would never take dowry. But when he decided to marry Rashmirekha Paital, who is also a teacher, he was forced to accept dowry after her father’s constant desire. But unlike rest of us, he made the most of us and demanded 1,001 saplings. He decided to make celebrate his big day in the greenest possible way. Therefore, he also made arrangements for the wedding considering the environment.

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In replacement of DJ and firecrackers, the groom carried the sapling during his Baraat. Thus, avoiding sound and air pollution. Moreover, he distributed 700 saplings of Mango and Bakul tree amongst the villagers.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Biswal said, “It was always my dream to celebrate my marriage in the greenest possible way. As the convenor of ‘Gachha Ti Pai Saathi Tiye (friend for a tree)’ organisation, I have been spreading the message of the need to plant trees and save the planet from global warming and climate change. I chose fruit-bearing trees as people would be inclined to nurture such trees.”

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During his reception, he distributed the remaining 300 saplings to the guests. His reception was environment-friendly as he ensured that plastic is not used at all in the function. Moreover, he encouraged the guests to adopt environment-friendly practices.

Biswal’s father-in-law said, “I am extremely proud of my son-in-law. He has shown that environment can be saved by deed, not mere words.”

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Not only he gave a new meaning to the social evil of dowry, but also taught us a lesson on how to protect our environment by doing our bit.

Published by admin on 25 Jun 2018

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