Latest Report Says Hindi Is The Fastest Growing Language In India While Sanskrit Is The Least

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The report of news census has declared that Hindi has become the fastest growing language of India. Between 2001-2011, the Hindi speaking speakers rise by 10 crore due to which Hindi grew at the rate of 25.19 percent. However, Kashmiri falls on the second number at the rate of 22. 97 percent.

While talking about the third and fourth one then Gujarati is close at 20.4 percent and Manipuri on 20.07 percent and Bengali (close at no. 5) at 16.63 per cent.

As per the study data, “Hindi with 52 crore speakers remain the most spoken language in the country and Bengali the second most spoken language with 9.7 crore speakers.”

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Well, apart from most spoken language if we talk about the least spoken language then reports says, “Sanskrit remains the least spoken among the scheduled languages with 24,821 speakers despite an increase of 76 percent from 2001”. Along with Sanskrit, Urdu also have fallen from the sixth place in 2001 (51 million speakers) to the seventh place in 2011 with 50 million people.

Respectively, Tamil and Malayalam speaking speakers have fallen across most states in north India. The percentage of that fallen population is around 5 percent and 10 percent. Tamil Nadu and Kerala also increased by 33 percent and that percentage increase in the number of Hindi, Bengali, Assamese and Odia speakers.

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On the other hand, Maharashtra is the state where most of the population speaks English around 104,000 followed by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

According to the new census data, “two scheduled languages have witnessed a drop in the number of people referring to them as their mother tongues. While Urdu declined by 1.58 percent, and Konkani by 9.54 percent.” The data further added, “Marathi with 83 million speakers displaced Telugu (81 million) to become the third most common mother tongue after Hindi and Bengali.”

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Published by admin on 30 Jun 2018

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