Sanju: Meet the people who worked hard on Ranbir Kapoor’s look

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Ranbir Kapoor is portraying the role of Sanjay Dutt in his biopic ‘Sanju’. He amazingly pulled on the look and everything that Sanjay is known for.

The maker’s selection of casting Ranbir Kapoor in and as ‘Sanju’ is one thing that the movie did get right in the first place. Only watching a glimpse of the actor in the teaser made the audience convince that Ranbir will rock the show. And now when the film has been released, people’s expectations have been met beautifully.

Not only the look, but Ranbir shines in Baba’s iconic walk and his speech patterns also.  But, is this only Ranbir who worked excellently to put life in the character?

There are a few people who are behind the actor’s commendable transformation and it includes prosthetic artist Dr. Murkey and hair stylist Aalim Hakim. The film shows Baba’s journey from his first movie Rocky to his final release film. They recreated the different looks of 37-year long career of the actor. They with their marvellous work transformed a 35-year-old actor(Ranbir) into a 58-year-old actor(Dutt).

Aalim Hakim in an exclusive interview to a leading daily revealed that “Ranbir insisted on growing his hair to get the Rocky look right.” However, other styles were achieved using wigs and hair patches. On an interesting note, Aalim’s father Hakim Kairanvi worked with Sanjay Dutt to create the iconic ‘Rocky look’.

Seeing the hard work of Ranbir and the artists who worked with the actor to perfect the role, aren’t we really impressed?

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Published by admin on 30 Jun 2018

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