You Will Be Chased By An Angry Yamraj If You Break Traffic Rules In Bangaluru

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Just for saving a single minute in our lives, we tend to break the traffic single without realising that it may cost us our entire life. We don’t wear helmets because that doesn’t look cool. And we don’t realise that an injury on head won’t look cool either. Breaking the traffic rules would definitely invite Yamraj for your pick-up to heaven (or hell, based on your Karma). But what would it like be, if you see Yamraj actually chasing you down the road?

Well, this is actually happening in Bangaluru where a mace-wielding Yamraj dressed in traditional gold attire chases down the bikers and warns them that he would pay a visit to their home if they break traffic rule.

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The Halasuru Gate traffic police roped in Yamaraja as their brand ambassador to aware the people about the dangers of breaking signal, not wearing a helmet, and reckless driving.

Deputy Commissioner of traffic police Anupam Agrawal told PTI, “We are observing July as a road safety month. As part of it, we are conducting various programmes such as lectures in schools and colleges and street-plays.”

He further said, “Also, we thought of using the character Yama to send the message across that if you disobey the traffic rules, Yama will come to your home.”

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The person who is dressed up as Yamraj and stops bikers and tell them the importance of traffic rules is a theatre artist who performs Hindu Mythological dramas.

Well, that’s quite innovative and we hope that people take lessons from this. If this Yamraj helps in keeping the real Yamraj away from roads, we would definitely need more like him.


Published by admin on 11 Jul 2018

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