Man distributes Resume On Roadside, Gets 200 Job Offers including Google and Netflix

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It is extremely tough to get a job these days. No matter how many degrees you have, which college you passed out from, how much experience do you have, at the end of the day, you are a part of the rat race where everbody else holds similar or more qualifications and experience. Gone are those days, when people used to graduate in any said course, and they would easily find a job. With so much population, and the limited number of jobs, the rate of unemployment is just increasing worldwide.

Recently, a man was seen holding a playcard in his hands asking for people to take a resume rather than asking for money.The playcard read, “Homeless.. Hungry for success .. Take a Resume.” The man was identified as David.

The tweet went viral in no time and got over 220k likes and 139k re-tweets.

The man had good qualifications and experience and had come to Silicon Valley with a dream to become successful in tech industry. However, he did not get any work and was broke. He used to sleep in parks and tried to find full time jobs or freelancing work.

After getting viral on Twitter, this man was noticed, and he got over 200 job offers which including Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn.

After this incident, several people shared their views and experiences about how easy or hard it is to survive in the Silicon Valley. A man wrote, “Silicon Valley is a double edged sword. Where it has helped many be successful at the same time many have become homeless or are having a difficult time to survive. I feel this man’s pain.”

The lady who helped that homeless David replied, “I’ve been stuck in the whirlpool that is the Silicon Valley. After three years, I’ve finally landed something stable that’ll help my career. I understand his pain which is why I was determined to help.”

It is a sad state that qualified people are homeless and jobless and the world economy has failed to provide jobs to everyone.

Published by admin on 31 Jul 2018

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