Youtuber Saba Arif claims IIFA’s tribute video for Sridevi was made by her, Boney Kapoor responds

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You can find every Bollywood star under one roof and the place will be the Award shows. Celebs being awarded for their performance in the best of the movies they have done.

Recently, IIFA 2018 was held in Thailand where a tribute was given to the veteran actress Sridevi by paying a video of her work and a fan stated that it was plagiarised from a fan-made video by Saba Arif for her YouTube channel. The Youtuber wanted her acknowledgement for the video. The social media has gone crazy after knowing this. But seems like the event organizers and Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor give the person her due credit. In fact, Boney told Saba that she owns no right use the videos.

It's so heartbreaking when something you've worked on gets ripped off and passed off as someone else's work. I just…

Gepostet von Saba Arif am Montag, 30. Juli 2018

While talking to a leading daily Boney said, “Almost all of the clips in the video are owned by me or Yash Raj Films, thus, giving us the right to use them as we like. The video was approved by me for IIFA, after a discussion with YRF, and I’d like to know what gives her (Saba Arif) the right to claim it as her own. If she has a problem with the video, she should reach out to me rather than just make such accusations.”

When Saba came to know about what Boney said, she said, “Sure, the clips are his to own. But I put my heart and soul into this video — it took me three days to make it. They didn’t change the sequences of the clips or the song(s), and the fact that I had put all that together makes the concept my intellectual property. This was never about the same clips being used, but about my hard work being taken for such a show without any acknowledgement. It is still my video, and I’d like to be acknowledged for the same. I’m just surprised by this reaction to my post”.

Well, Saba has all the right to get the acknowledgement for the video as she did the editing.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 03 Aug 2018

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